B&W International Wheel Guard
B&W International Wheel Guard

B&W International Wheel Guard






The ideal bag for wheel transport

Inside the B&W wheel guard M, your wheel is handily and safely stored. The rugged bag made of highly tear-resistant nylon fabric is lightweight and comes with practical carry handles for optimal transport anywhere. The wheel guard M is particularly suitable for transport by aircraft: The custom-fit design is exactly the same size as the wheel and can be stowed safely and securely in our bike.cases and bags.

All features at a glance

  • Diameter: 690 mm
  • For one wheel up to 28”
  • Color: black
  • Material: polyester
  • Design: three interior pockets

Securely stowed in our bike.cases and bags

The wheel guard offers outstanding protection for wheels during transport. A rugged covering made of high-quality polyester that is ideal against external influences, the wheel guard can also be safely and securely stowed in our bike.cases and bags. This means your wheel has double the protection during travel.

Perfect size for wheels up to 28”

With a diameter of 690 mm, the wheel guard M is perfectly sized for one wheel up to 28”. At the same time, its light weight makes it easy to fold up and stow after use. This makes the wheel guard not only a rugged but also a practical companion on any trip.

With interior pockets and carry handle

Our wheel guard M comes with a carry handle for a firm grip and comfortable transport. Inside the wheel guard are three pockets that are perfect for storing smaller accessories along with the wheel. This allows everything you need at your destination to be right at hand.




Dimensions and Details

Product Dimension - 27

Height (Inches) - 2

Height (Inches) - 1.8

    B&W International Wheel Guard
    B&W International Wheel Guard