Tool Cases

Tool case, fitting bag, or technician's backpack: B&W tool.cases and bags are reliable companions for day-to-day trade work

Whether tool case, fitting bag, or technician's backpack: Our B&W tool.cases and bags are sturdy, comfortable, and organized companions for day-to-day trade work. Easy handling, rugged materials, and plenty of space for a wide range of tools make B&W tool cases, bags, and backpacks the perfect storage place for your equipment, whether at home or on the go. Discover our flexible options for custom portable tool storage.

The B&W maximum sturdiness and security

Everything right in view and safely stored: B&W's tool cases offer optimal, sturdy protection for transporting important tools. With various removable tool boards, your important tools have a secure place in our customizable and expandable case systems, and remain protected and secured at all times, even on extended trips. Impact-resistant, dustproof, and waterproof polypropylene shells are temperature-resistant and keep their sturdy shape even under extreme conditions and with continuous, everyday use. B&W tool cases can be comfortably transported with the help of ergonomic carry handles and a practical shoulder strap. There is a B&W for every application—guaranteed.

The perfect tool bag: easy to find in our handy B&W tool bags

Our range of B&W tool bags is guaranteed to have the tool bag that is right for you. Whether durable, flexible polyester or rugged artificial leather, as a briefcase-style tool bag or a practical tool roll: With a B&W tool bag, high standards for day-to-day availability and optimal tool storage can be comfortably and perfectly met. B&W tool bags come with loops or pockets for storing and transporting tools of any size while providing the best possible overview and keeping all tools right at hand at all times. With convenient carry handles, comfortable shoulder straps, or a compact roll format, all your materials can be transported comfortably, securely, and effortlessly.

B&W tool cases with wheels: practical tool cases with roller function for convenient transport

B&W tool cases with wheels go with you anywhere your workday takes you, even on extended outings. These maneuverable rolling cases with smooth-running casters and practical telescoping handle are perfectly suited for comfortably storing and transporting large numbers of even heavy tools with maximum protection at all times. Rugged shells made of impact-resistant plastic ensure that all your important tools remain secure while you are on the go. Upgrade the interior of your B&W rolling tool case with different removable tool board kits that offer enough space and secure hold in their pockets, loops, or insertion modules for tools in a range of sizes. This gives you the best possible overview with maximum security at all times.

Light how and where it is needed: cordless work lights and headlamps from B&W

With LED work lights and headlamps from B&W, you can be sure of one thing: You will always have light right where you need it. Whether sturdy work lights with a secure base and power bank feature, comfortable headlamps with infrared sensor, or handy flashlights with swiveling light, B&W lights have a variety of uses. The powerful LEDs in some of our lights can be adjusted across different brightness settings for optimal illumination at all times, whether on an outdoor adventure, at home in the garage, or at the construction site.

Matching B&W tool case accessories such as tool boards and foam inserts

A B&W tool case offers plenty of space to customize the interior of your personal tool case: tool kits, aluminum dividers, and foam inserts allow for flexible design and ensure that all your tools stay where you put them.