Outdoor/Travel Cases

Waterproof and ultra sturdy: B&W's outdoor cases withstand even extreme situations

Our B&W outdoor.cases feature extreme sturdiness, rugged shells, and absolute flexibility. Our multi-certified specialty cases keep their promise even in extreme situations and adverse conditions, and protect valuable contents such as high-quality camera equipment and sensitive batteries with consistent dependability. Equipped with an automatic air pressure equalization valve, many of our outdoor cases are also suitable for air travel. Smooth-running casters and a practical telescoping handle make maneuvering the case easier, even over uneven terrain.

B&W outdoor.cases: extremely rugged cases ready for anything

B&W's outdoor cases really can do it all. Whether as an audio case for transporting microphones and other music accessories, or as a camera case for pro and amateur photographers for storing valuable equipment, our outdoor cases protect their contents dependably in any situation. Whether out in the wilderness or on the hunt for new challenges, things can quickly get precarious on uneven terrain and your case can slip out of your hand. None of this is a problem for our outdoor cases, since their ultra sturdy shells withstand drops and impacts with ease and provide extra soft and secure cushioning for their valuable contents with custom-fit interior material.

The perfect travel companion thanks to an automatic air pressure equalization valve

With us, there is no either/or: B&W's outdoor cases are extremely rugged AND airworthy at the same time. This is made possible with an air pressure equalization valve built into the case, which immediately responds when the atmospheric pressure changes. This reliably takes the pressure off the shell, preserving the case itself and providing optimal protection for its contents.

Temperature-stable from -30 °C to 80 °C

Whether traveling through polar regions or in extremely hot locales: Our B&W outdoor case are always by your side. Whether bitter cold down to -30 °C or scorching heat up to 80 °C, our outdoor cases provide dependable protection.

Multi-certified, waterproof, and protected against dust and dirt

B&W’s outdoor cases are certified under STANAG 4280, DEF STAN 81-41, and ATA 300. They are also rated IP67 waterproof, dustproof, and dirt-resistant.